How to complete your W-8BEN and
W-8BEN-E US tax forms

What is a W-8BEN form?

The W-8BEN form is a legal document requirement from the United States Internal Revenue Services (IRS) which permits foreign investors to claim special tax treaty benefits, including a reduced rate of withholding tax on US Shares.

A W-8BEN form is only required if you are investing in US shares.

Why do I need a W-8BEN form?

If you don’t have a valid W-8BEN form, your US holdings are subject to the higher tax rate at 30%. By completing a valid W-8BEN form, Australian-resident investors are able to benefit from a reduced US tax rate of 15% .

Please note: A valid W-8BEN remains in effect until the 31st of December, of the 3rd calendar year from the year you signed the form, unless your circumstances change, in which case you must resubmit a new W-8BEN form.  GlobeTax will automatically send you a reminder to complete a new form before your existing W-8BEN expires.

How do I complete it?

To ensure your W-8BEN form is approved, please follow the how to guides below.

Individuals and Joint:

How to guide

Companies and Trusts:

Company: How to guide

 Trust: How to guide

Where do I send it?

Please return your signed and completed form to:


Client Services, OpenMarkets
Level 2 451 Little Bourke Street Melbourne VIC 3000.



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