Just need to sell some shares? Easy. 

Download and complete our One-Off Sales Form and return to us:


OpenMarkets Australia Ltd 
Suite 300, 189 Queen Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Along with:
– an original certified copy of your driver’s licence or passport *
– a copy of a current holding or dividend statement
– a copy of a bill no more than 3 months old (foreign applicants only)

*Foreign applicants note: photo ID must be provided. If your country’s driver’s licence does not display your photo, then a certified copy of your passport only will be accepted


**Providing you pass the online ID check**

Australian residents only

Along with:
– a copy of a current holding or dividend statement

Applicants submitting forms via email must consent to an electronic verification check in this application.  If you do not pass you will need to mail to us certified copy of your drivers licence or passport. We will notify you if this happens. A copy of your driver’s licence can be provided to assist in the online ID check but it does not guarantee that you will pass the check.


$200.00 per trade (up to the value of $15,000) or 1.5% (including GST).   This fee will be deducted from the sale proceeds on settlement date.

International shareholders please note: we also charge an additional $100 (including GST) per Telegraphic Transfer of funds into an international bank account.


  • Once received, your application will be processed within 7 business days
  • If you opted to be telephoned, our trading desk will call the Primary Contact to confirm the order between market hours 10am-4pm
  • After the trade has been placed, the sale proceeds will be deposited into the nominated bank account on 2 business days after the  trade date (T+2), with funds usually clearing the next business day.

What are Issuer Sponsored Holdings?

Issuer Sponsored Holdings are shares that are:
  • Issued directly from the company via a share registry e.g. Computershare and not CHESS
  • Identified by an individual Securities Reference Number (SRN) e.g. I000876554 and not a HIN

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the difference between Issuer and broker sponsored shares?

Issuer sponsored shares are issued directly from the company and are maintained by a share registry. They are identified by a Securities Reference Number (SRN) that typically starts with an “I” e.g. I00076272.

Broker sponsored shares are issued to you via CHESS and sponsored by a stockbroker. They are identified by one single Holder Identification Number (HIN) that starts with an “X” e.g. X000987626.

What’s the difference between a one-off sale account and a trading account?

A one-off sale account is opened solely to facilitate the sale of an Issuer Sponsored Holding. A trading account allows you to buy and sell holdings i.e. trade where all holdings are CHESS sponsored by OpenMarkets and attached to a HIN. Download a trading account application

Can I sell multiple ‘one-offs' through the one account?

Yes, providing that the shares are registered in the exact same name and address. Middle names and street abbreviations are the only exceptions. Just attach copies of the holding/dividend statement of the additional holdings you wish to sell to the form. To align the registration details of your holdings, you’ll need to contact each of the relevant share registries.

When does the trade get placed?

Once we have processed your application, we will contact the Primary Contact nominated in the form. This person is responsible for confirming the sale or limit price. Once sold, all account holders will receive a trade confirmation note via email.

When do the proceeds get paid into my account?

Three business days after the trade date (T+3), with funds usually clearing the next day. Must be paid into a bank account in your name, i.e. not a third party’s.

I live overseas, what else do you require from me?

In additional to completing the form, you will need to mail to OpenMarkets:

  • A Certified copy of your passport (or driver’s licence where a photo and signature is visible)
  • A copy of a bill displaying your residential address no more than 3 months old

We do not accept emailed applications for foreigners and non-domiciled Australians.  Original applications must be submitted.

Where can I get a copy of my holding statement?

By contacting the relevant share registry or by logging into their website using your SRN and postcode.

How do I find out which share registry the company is registered with?

By looking up the company information at the relevant exchange website:

What if the holding is attached to a HIN at another broker?

You can either sell this holding through the existing broker or apply for a HIN transfer request through OpenMarkets, after which we will be able to sell the holding.