IPOs & Placements with ASX BookBuilds

ASX BookBuild offers the broader investor market with access to investment opportunities once reserved for sophisticated investors or institutions. Opportunities include Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and capital raising placements, which you can access through OpenMarkets as they become available.

Look out for our our ASX BookBuild announcements via our website, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About ASX BookBuild

ASX BookBuild was launched in October 2013 by the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and On-Market BookBuilds. It’s a facility that allows listed companies (or companies seeking to list) the opportunity to raise capital on market via ASX infrastructure in real time, while offering the broader investor market with access to IPOs.

Aimed at making capital raising cheaper and more transparent, ASX BookBuild allows investors and company executives to watch the progress of a bookbuild unfold through real-time technology, as opposed to the price and share allocation being manged by investment bankers.

Learn more about ASX BookBuild by visiting www.onmarketbookbuilds.com or by downloading the ASX BookBuild BrochureYou can also contact OpenMarkets on 1300 769 433 for more information.

How to participate?

  1. Open an OpenMarkets Account by downloading an Account Application (if you’re not already a client)
  2. We’ll provide the details of the Offer and the Prospectus via our website
  3. Complete and return to us a once-off OpenMarkets ASX Bookbuild Client Agreement
  4. Bids can be placed by calling our Dealing Desk service desk on 03 8199 7704

To learn more about placing bids read the On-Markets BookBuild Bidding Guide.