This privacy policy describes how OpenMarkets Australia Limited, the facility and this website (“OpenMarkets”) handle and deal with your personal information. This policy is effective from 1 July 2013.

Collection of Personal Information

From the information provided by members of the public (“you”) when applying for membership with OpenMarkets and requesting the creation of an OpenMarkets account for you and from your use of the OpenMarkets facility, OpenMarkets collects and stores the following personal information in its digital database:

  • Your email address, phone numbers, physical contact information and information used to identify you;
  • Log-on and access data, statistics on use of the facility, traffic to and from OpenMarkets and your use of the OpenMarkets facility including the purchase of investments;
  • Other information, including a user’s IP address and log-on information and unique identifying information;
  • Your credit card, debit card or other financial details where required;
  • A shipping or postal address where required; and
  • Details of any investments purchased by you by use of the facility;

(“Personal Information”).

Use of Personal Information

OpenMarkets uses Personal Information to:

  • provide the facility;
  • enforce OpenMarkets’ Terms and Conditions of Use and any disclosed policies;
  • modify, reconfigure and improve the OpenMarkets facility; and
  • provide tailor-made marketing and offers to you according to your use of the OpenMarkets facility.


OpenMarkets does not and will not sell or provide Personal Information to any third parties for marketing purposes or any other promotional purposes without your express consent. OpenMarkets may disclose Personal Information to comply with a lawful request that it do so, to enforce OpenMarkets’ Terms and Conditions of Use and enforce any disclosed policies or to ensure that the rights of other users of the OpenMarkets facility are not being violated. OpenMarkets may also share personal information with external service providers who are essential to the conduct of OpenMarkets’ business and the facility.

Where, by use of the facility, you apply for a Macquarie Cash Management Account with Macquarie Bank Ltd (or a similar account with any other provider that OpenMarkets may add to the facility in the future) or apply to purchase an investment from Macquarie Bank Ltd (or any other provider that OpenMarkets may add to the facility in the future) OpenMarkets will provide whatever Personal Information is required by Macquarie Bank Ltd (or any other provider that OpenMarkets may add to the facility in the future) in order to process such application for an account or application to purchase an investment. By applying to open an account or by applying to purchase an investment you agree to Personal Information being provided to Macquarie Bank Ltd (or any other provider that OpenMarkets may add to the facility in the future) by OpenMarkets.


Where you, on the online application for membership and an account form, tick the box agreeing to accept marketing material, you are agreeing to receive marketing and promotional emails from OpenMarkets unless and until you tell OpenMarkets that you prefer not to receive such emails. If you do not wish to receive any further marketing emails from OpenMarkets you may indicate your preference by following the directions to do so provided at the foot of the email.

Your Obligations

You must not use the OpenMarkets services to obtain other persons’ email addresses or contact details, to send spam to any person whatsoever or to otherwise breach OpenMarkets’ Terms and Conditions. OpenMarkets may from time-to-time automatically or manually scan or filter email messages or other communications sent by you through the OpenMarkets services for any conduct that may breach OpenMarkets’ Terms and Conditions of Use and this Privacy Policy.

Changing Personal Information

If you identify that any of your Personal Information is incorrect, has changed or is out-of-date, you can access your Personal Information through the OpenMarkets services and change such Personal Information. Access to the OpenMarkets services to effect such change to your Personal Information may require you to undertake security steps in order to identify yourself to the OpenMarkets services before such changes can be effected. 


OpenMarkets uses up-to-date digital tools such as data encryption, passwords and log-ins to protect your Personal Information against unauthorized access and/or disclosure. OpenMarkets gives no guarantee or promise that such digital tools will always be effective against unauthorized access and/or disclosure of your Personal Information.

When you become a member of and open an account with OpenMarkets and when you transact on the facility your IP Address will be recorded in order to ensure the smooth running of the facility and to detect and prevent any unauthorized or fraudulent transactions on your OpenMarkets account.


OpenMarkets may use Cookies, which are small files or programs which are uploaded to your hard drive, on certain areas of the OpenMarkets website in order to recognize and remember you when you log in to the facility, to record referral information, to assess the performance of the OpenMarkets website, to customize and improve OpenMarkets’ services and to ensure online safety for users. Further, third party website operators that are linked to the services for advertising and other purposes may also use Cookies on their websites and read the Cookies that are associated with your account. You are free to decline to accept or share Cookies at any time. You acknowledge that declining to accept or share Cookies may impact on your access to the facility, to services offered by the facility and to the OpenMarkets website. Further, by declining Cookies from the OpenMarkets facility or from third party websites you will not be opting out of OpenMarkets’ marketing services.


OpenMarkets may update this policy at any time and such updates will take effect 30 days from the updated policy being uploaded to the OpenMarkets website, whether or not you have accessed the OpenMarkets website in that period.

If OpenMarkets Australia Ltd is acquired by, merges with or sells part of its assets to another corporate entity OpenMarkets may share your Personal Information with the acquiring corporate entity. If this occurs you shall be notified by email and by a Notice on the OpenMarkets website. However, this policy will continue to apply until such time as the acquiring corporate entity uploads a further Privacy Policy to the OpenMarkets website.