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Through the looking glass: Five noteworthy trends in 2017

2017 – a year that will evoke the memory of Donald Trump and his twitter mania (and of course the twitter temp who pulled the plug on his account), nuclear threat from North Korea and a messy divorce between Britain and the European Union….

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Can robots provide financial advice?

Robots have long featured in sci-fi and cartoons; a quick Google search informed me human interest in bots can be traced back to ancient China, where a text describes…

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Competition Rules – The ‘New’ NSX

The ‘new’ NSX’ (National Stock Exchange) wasn’t on my radar and therefore remained an unknown quantity until I watched OpenMarkets’ very own Gen Wood...

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Suitably Capitalised – ASX Capital Requirements

Just as no one predicted the global financial crisis (GFC) that began in 2007, no one foretold the global fallout from resulting turbulence. Investments collapsed…

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The new NSX: Australia’s alternative stock exchange ups the ante to compete with the ASX

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The rise of ETFs: How and why the ETF industry continues to boom.

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Interview with Eric Gao on the Chinese investor market in Australia

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The ETF landscape of the future

Australian investors continue to pour money into ETFs, with September breaking yet more records in terms of inflows and total ETF market cap. In this article, OpenMarkets…

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The future of Options strategies

Although the Australian options market as we know it commenced operations in February 1976, options of some form have been around for many hundreds of years…

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The importance of pre-open pricing

Managing an orderly market and ensuring that share prices cannot be manipulated are essential to the smooth operation of securities exchanges globally…

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Company News

OpenMarkets boosts back-office capacity with Nomura deal

OpenMarkets today announced the successful upgrade of its back office technology to NRI Financial Solutions for Broker Dealers provided by…

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Saxo Capital Markets and OpenMarkets announce fintech solution for investors

Strategic alliance between industry leaders to deliver a combined HIN and international equities trading solution to better serve the online….

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OpenMarkets opens the door to Asian investors

Australia’s fastest growing online stockbroker OpenMarkets today announced several initiatives to strengthen its offering in the Asian markets…

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