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Wealth O2: the alternative solution to the wrap platform (that’s attracting a lot of advisers)

WealthO2 is an innovative wealth management solution for advisers seeking a non-custodial alternative to the wrap platform. It provides the scalability and efficiencies of a wrap platform but at much lower costs, allowing you to maintain clients’ Australian equity portfolios on HIN and buy/sell Managed Funds…


5 Reasons traders use algos

In the trading world – or at least the world of OpenMarkets – algos are used by investors via the platform’s open APIs. They are programs which can be classed as Artificial Intelligence (AI)…

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How APIs are revolutionising the broking industry

It Starting with the basics, an API – or Application Program Interface – is a set of clearly defined methods of communication between various…

How Blockchain is going to transform CHESS

It was nearly two years ago when I first wrote about blockchain. I was particularly interested in plans announced by ASX around that time to adopt blockchain technology…


BetaShares ETF industry update

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The Top 5 trending ETFs from BetaShares

Macroeconomic update with Citi’s Director of Equity Products, Elizabeth Tian

CPD Articles

The ETF landscape of the future

Australian investors continue to pour money into ETFs, with September breaking yet more records in terms of inflows and total ETF market cap. In this article, OpenMarkets…

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The future of Options strategies

Although the Australian options market as we know it commenced operations in February 1976, options of some form have been around for many hundreds of years…

The importance of pre-open pricing

Managing an orderly market and ensuring that share prices cannot be manipulated are essential to the smooth operation of securities exchanges globally…

Company News

OpenMarkets appoints Chief Technology Officer

Australia’s most connected digital stockbroker OpenMarkets today announced the appointment of Dr Robert Lang to the new role of Chief Technology Officer….

OpenMarkets adopts Bloomberg EMSX for Global Equity Liquidity and Execution Services

Digital brokerage platform OpenMarkets has taken a crucial step to open up its platform to overseas….

OpenMarkets Appoints Chief Operating Officer- Lee Redpath

Lee Redpath has joined OpenMarkets in the newly-created position of chief operating officer. Lee makes the move from Crestone Wealth….

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