Our Pricing

Brokerage, software fees & other charges.

Stocks, ETFs & Warrants

$13.95 or 0.07%


ASX, Chi-X, NSX & SIM VSE markets

Exchange Traded Options

$28 or 0.28%


Bought Puts/Calls & Covered Calls only

Brokerage Fees & Charges

ServiceFee (including GST)MinimumAbove Minimum
Online Trading - Australian Residents Min. $13.95 or 0.07% per trade $13.95 up to $20,000 transaction value0.07% above $20,000
Online Trading - Overseas Residents
Min. $20.00 or 0.1% per trade$20.00 up to $20,000 transaction value0.10% above $20,000
One-Off SalesMin. $200.00 or 1.5% per trade$200.00 up to $15,000 transaction value1.5% above $15,000

Brokerage on Options

ServiceFee (excluding GST)MinimumAbove Minimum
Online TradingMin. $28.00 or 0.28% per trade,
exercise or assignment
$28.00 up to $20,000 transaction value0.28% above $20,000 transaction value

^ASX Clear charges a registration fee of $0.143 per equity option contract, including GST. If you exercise or are assigned on an equity option position, ASX Clear charges an exercise fee of $0.055 per contract, including GST. In the case of index options, ASX Clear charges a registration fee of $0.495 per contract and an exercise fee of $0.385 per contract (both inclusive of GST). The exact cost of your transaction will be disclosed on your confirmation.
Please refer to our Financial Services Guide for more information about our fees.

Other Fees

International Account Opening $200 per accountIf you are based outside Australia and wish to establish a trading account with OpenMarkets
International Telegraphic Transfer$100 per transactionWhen you request that OpenMarkets pays funds into an international bank account in your name
Off Market Transfer$27.50 per transferIf you wish to transfer securities between other entities and your OpenMarkets CHESS account. These fees will not apply to any securities transferred when establishing your trading account.
SRN Query/lookup$27.50 per searchIf you wish to transfer an Issuer sponsored holding to your HIN but have not provided an accurate Securities Reference Number (SRN). In which case, OpenMarkets would need to look up the SRN on your behalf.
Settlement Fail - Buy $110 per day or 0.1% (whichever is greater)If you place a Buy order but withdraw funds out of your cash account before settlement date (T+2) that renders your account balance insufficient to cover the cost of the trade, a fee will be charged each day until sufficient funds are available.

Software Fees

 Retail (Traders)Professional (Financial Advisers & Intermediaries)
Pulse$125 per month$180 per month
IRESS Trader$160 per month$242 per month
IRESS Professional$1000-$1200 per month$1000-$1200 per month

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