Our team

Andrea Marani

Chief Operating Officer

Rick Klink

Executive Director

Karen Powell

Head of Trading & Operations

Deane Sweeney

Corporate Legal Counsel

Genevieve Wood

Head of Sales & Marketing

Claire Li

Asia Pacfic Sales Manager

Jamie Tham

Asia Pacific Client Service Officer

Suzy Randall

Office Manager/Marketing Coordinator

Virginia Owczarek

Designated Trading Representative

Gheric Gamboa (JR)

Derivatives Trading Specialists

Amanda Swain

Settlements Officer

Vince Germano

Chief Technology Architect

Silvana Sequeiros

Client Service Manager

Sophia Skilbeck

Client Service Officer

Lorelie Gambhir

Client Service Officer

Karen Hayes

Client Service Officer

Kala Muthusamy

Financial Accountant

Frank Malcolm

Responsible Executive/ General Manager

OpenMarkets technology is open to connect with other leading financial services software and our collaborative approach is aimed at shaping a new world for the self-directed investor, bringing smarter capabilities than ever before.